Hello, I'm Veronique

This is my website.

I use it for practice, fun and giggles

About Me

Get to know me a little better

I am studying a BA in software development at

KEA – Copenhagen school of design and technology.

I expect to graduate at the end of spring 2021

My focus is on front-end web, design and development. I have a passion for the structure and logic of coding and find joy in the connection between the code and the visual. I have an interest in things that not only look visually good, but also is a pleasure and easy to use. I love the thought of making something out of nothing.

About my school work (Compuer Science)

During my studies I worked with back-end and front-end. On each semester we worked on different technologies, such as: Java, MySql, html, css, js and various frameworks (agile, scrum, xp, up, waterfall and uml). On the 4th semester we had to choose 3 elective course and I chose: Python, Angular and iOS apps (Swift). We also used tools, such as: IntelliJ IDEA,Visual Studio Code, MySQL Workbench, Git Desktop, Unix Terminal and Xcode. During my studies there have been 2 examination projects so far. My first project was a archive management system and the second one was a website in a form of a portfolio that later could be develop into a webshop.

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